How to custom spout pouches for my liquid product?

For customing Spout Pouches ,You only need to tell us how many milliliter do you want to pack .

Then we will recomend you the size and materials and thickness and send you a special factory price .

How to custom Stand UP Bags?

1,Tell us the Size (Width(cm)  & Length(cm) & Gusset (cm*2 ) ) ,

such as (Width 10cm * Length 15cm+ Gusset 2.5cm*2)

2,We have alumunim materials and transparent materials .

If you  want to custom aluminum foil stand up bag ,you only say "I want Aluminum Foil Stand Up Bags  With the Size (Width (cm) & Length (cm)  &  Gusset  (cm) .


How to custom Vacuum Food Bags for Fish ,Meat ,and other Food ?

1, Tell us What Product do you want to pack (Different products need different materials ) .

2,Tell us How To Keep it (Room temperature, refrigerated, frozen)  .

3,Tell us The Size (Width(cm)  & Length(cm)  & Gusset (cm)).

4,Tell us your sterilization method (Retort sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization, pasteurization, boiled sterilization).

Then you can get a special factory quotation quickly .

How to custom Flat Pouches with zipper ?

1,Tell us What Product you want to pack .

2,Tell us the Size (Width(cm) & Longth (cm) & Gusset (cm) ).

3,It is best if you can tell us the Materials .

How to custom Plastic Film Roll ?

1, Tell us the materials (It is necessary ).

2,Tell us the Width (cm) .

3,Tell us the Thickness (mm  or micron ).

About design files

1,If you have your design file ,please send us with AI or PSD  or CDR formal.

2,If you have no design and hope we design it for you . Our design is free .You only need to pay 200 USD first  .and it will be part of your payment .


About Samples

1,We produce samples upon your request .

2,Our Samples are free ,you only need to pay the frienght fee.

3,If you want to custom samples same as your bags ,  The Samples fee is 100 USD.


What is our MOQ?

1,For Digital Printing Machine ,MOQ is 1--10 000 bags.

2,For Gravure Printing Machine ,MOQ will be 6000 meters . About 10 000 --100 000 bags.

About Our Factory

1,We produce Packaging Bags since 2005 ,So we are very professional in this line  .

2,Our Factory has 4 workshops ,   Printing workshop has 3 printing machine .  Laminated workshop has 3 laminated machines and 2 curing machines.  Bag-making workshop has 7 bag-making machines .and we have 1 warehouse .


Our Customers Distribution

1, European :UK, Netherlands, sent, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Macedonia, Spain,etc.,

2, Asia  : Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Iran, Israel, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, etc.,

3,Americas: America, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Honduras,etc.,

4,Africa: Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana,etc.,

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