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BaoLai is a  professional Flexible pouches manufacturer factory.    Produce Packaging Bags since 2005.16 years of focusing on Flexible Packaging Bag design and development, sales and after-service one – stop service.


Baolai with professional production equipment and professional technical personnel, with rich experience in packaging production and manufacturing, can provide customers with one-stop packaging solutions.

Main products are व्हॅक्यूम पिशवी , Stand up Pouch , फ्लॅट तळाशी बॅग, Spout Pouch ,Food Packaging Bag, etc.,applying to: for food, juice , beverage , oil cosmetics, chemical products ,industry etc.

Have FDA, EU,EC certificates .

Our development concept is “survive by quality, develop by quality, work quality is for everyone, and product quality is for every level.” Choose us to make your packaging from beautiful to perfect.


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