3 types of paper pouch

Henan Baolai Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of packaging bags. The main products we produce include kraft paper bags, aluminum-plastic composite packaging, and three types of plastic packaging.
Kraft paper bags are one of the most popular types of bags in the world. Many countries support the use of kraft paper bags because kraft paper bags are degradable and can be recycled without causing pollution or damage to the environment. What are the types of kraft paper bags?

brown paper bagflat bottom paper bagpaper bag with jerky style
1. Pure kraft paper packaging bag;

Pure kraft paper bags have double-layer and single-layer paper, which can be used to pack nuts, snacks, seasonings and some leisure products, hardware department stores, etc. It is 100% degradable and 100% recyclable.

2. Paper-plastic composite packaging bag;

The paper-plastic composite packaging bag is a packaging bag made of white kraft paper or yellow kraft paper composite plastic, paper/plastic, paper/plastic/paper, three structures, generally the outer composite material uses PET, and the inner layer conforms to the material using PE It has good heat-sealability and moisture resistance. Generally, when we test moisture resistance, we add 30% water to the paper bag for one month. The bag will not leak and the quality layer will not be wet.

3, paper/aluminum/paper/plastic, plastic/paper/aluminum/plastic;

The paper bags made with these two structures are stronger and stronger and can be used to pack milk and beverages. There are many liquid products on the market that are using this type of bag. Their solidity is very good, and they generally do not explode because of logistics problems.
The types of kraft paper are white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper. The color of kraft paper produced in different batches will have a little difference, but it does not affect the use. The printability of kraft paper bags is very good, they can print various patterns like plastic.

Post time: Jun-02-2020

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