Add two set Packaging Bags machine

Henan Baolai Packaging company produce packaging bags since 2005, Mainly bags are STAND UP POUCH,  VACUUM  BAGS,  QUAD BAGS,FLAT BOTTOM BAGS, SPOUT POUCHES,PAPER BAS.

Through our continuous efforts, our production scale has been continuously expanded, the company system has become more and more perfect, and the cooperation between workers has been good.The quality of our packaging bags is getting better and better, and they have been exported to nearly 60 countries around the world.

United States, Japan, Canada, Romania, Singapore, Poland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland,etc.,

For faster delivery time, we have added two bag making machines, they are very advanced and can produce any bag type.These two machines are multifunctional bag making machines.The production speed is fast, and the quality of the bags produced is better. It can make rounding corner , hang hole, trar notch, and airplane holes can be directly operated.