Application of biodegradable bag developed

What is the difference between degradable packaging bags and non-degradable  packaging bags?

No1:Degradable packaging bag is a kind of compostable packaging bag. It is not necessarily paper, but it can be degraded within a certain period of time. The general degradation time is 1 year, or 3 months.The use of biodegradable packaging is subject to certain restrictions. There are many products that cannot be packaged, such as alcohol ,liquid .

No2:The molecules of degradable materials are unstable. This is the reason why it is easily degraded.

Advantages of degradable packaging bags:

It is environmentally friendly and can be degraded. The products after degradation are carbon dioxide, inorganic and organic matter, etc.
Application of degradable materials:

Biodegradable materials are widely used in various industries and can partially replace general-purpose plastics. The most used are environmental protection materials, packaging materials and medical materials.

1,Agricultural use:
The ideal agricultural material is a material that can synergize with other biodegradable materials to improve soil quality. Biodegradable materials are mainly used as agricultural mulch film and crop growth containers in agriculture.

2,Packaging use:

Biodegradable packaging materials are usually made by adding degradable high molecular polymers to the diaphragm or directly with the filling material. Blend into a film. The general requirements for food packaging materials and containers can ensure that the food does not rot, isolate oxygen and the materials are non-toxic. Copolymer (trade name Biopol), its physical properties are similar to polyethylene and polypropylene, and its heat-sealability is good. After Biopol is used, it can be biodegraded or incinerated, and its oxygen consumption is only equivalent to the oxygen put into the atmosphere during photosynthesis. , The CO2 produced after treatment is the total amount of CO2 injected by photosynthesis, so it can be considered that it has completely entered the biological cycle.

3,Medical biodegrable materials

Drug buffer ,artificai skin ,surgical suture.


Post time: Sep-16-2020

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