Application of plastic packaging film for coffee bag and protein powder bag

Plastic packaging film is a modern packaging material that needs to be packaged by machine. There are transparent film and aluminum foil film, aluminized film, vacuum film, etc.

The width and thickness of the plastic packaging film are usually determined by the packaging machine. The thickness of some automatic packaging machines is very strict, with no tolerance of 1% attached (this is an old-fashioned packaging machine). This requires communication with us before ordering the thickness. Usually, if the customized thickness does not match the thickness of the machine, a running belt will appear, the cursor cannot be tracked, and there will be wrinkles. Will cause the entire batch of packaging to be scrapped.

laminated film roll


Plastic packaging film has a wide range of uses, especially coffee and protein powder. After packaging with packaging film, it becomes an independent packet, which is convenient to store and clean and can keep the product dry and not polluting.

Post time: Aug-04-2020

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