Celebrate our export of 40ft container military retort pouch cooking bag with 121°C

Celebrating our third partnership with the military and producing them 121°C retort pouches for chicken, beef and rice. They have the perfect print and super good quality and after the 40ft retort bag we signed a three year retort bag contract. This is also their recognition of our quality. We will work harder to serve more customers and escort food safety. To be an excellent enterprise in the packaging industry and a conscientious manufacturer in the packaging industry.

121℃ aluminum foil retort pouch

retort pouches shipment

Material Structure of packaging bags

No.: Material Usage
1 BOPP/CPP Powder,Dried product ,normal moisture proof
2 BOPP/LDPE Powder, Dried product ,normal moisture proof
3 BOPP/VMCPP Powder, puffed food,potato chips, french fries,
4 PET/CPP Powder, puffed food,potato chips, french fries,
5 PET/PE Powder, Dried product , Normal moisture proof
6 Nylon/PE Meat, fish, (Better moisture proof)
7 PET/Nylon/PE Meat, fish ,(Best moisture proof )
8 MOPP/PET/PE Matte bag, normal moisture proof
9 MOPP/VMPET/PE Nuts, coffee,Dried product, better moisture proof
10 PET/VMPET/PE Nuts, coffee,Dried product, better moisture proof
11 PET/AL/PE Mask, Medicine, hardware, Avoid light
12 PET/AL/Nylon/PE Liquid , very strong and avoid light
13 PET/RCPP Retort bag
14 PET/Nylon/RCPP Retort bag
15 PET/AL/RCPP Retort bag
16 PET/AL/Nylon/RCPP Best quality Retort bag

No.1-8 are transparent materials.

No.9-10 are non-transparent materials ,often used to package nuts, sugar, powder, coffee, and dried product .

No.11 is used to package powder, and need avoid light product.

No.12 is used to package liquid product, baby food, paint , alcohol,we use different PE for different product .

No. 13-17 are retort materials . can retort to 105-135 Celsius degree. 

For flexible packaging bags and retort pouches, Please feel free to tell us, We will provide you best solution and a very competitive price .

 And we have 16 years producing experience and had exported our bags to more than 40 countries .

Post time: Apr-08-2022

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