Food packaging bag safety is a global focus keep food pouch safe

There are many types of food packaging bag and different materials. What we produce is a kind of food pouch   –food packaging bag, mainly composite packaging bags, there are paper bag, aluminum bag, and plastic composite packaging bag.

According to the technical classification, it can be divided into waterproof and moisture-proof food packaging, pouch, mildewproof, fresh-keeping packaging, quick-freezing packaging, breathable, microwave sterilization packaging, aseptic packaging, plastic packaging, vacuum packaging, DNA packaging, plastic packaging and other products, These packages are made of different composite materials. It can be seen that there are many types of food packaging bag, the process is complex, and the quality requirements are more stringent.

The role of food packaging

The main function of the food packaging bag is to protect the product clean and hygienic, while not being affected by the external environment, it will not be moldy or deteriorated due to the humidity of the air. Another problem is that it is convenient to carry, transport and store. In fact, whether it is a food packaging bag made of kraft paper or a food packaging bag made of plastic, their role is almost the same.

Another major feature of food packaging bag is the prevention of moldy deterioration of food, including the preservation of meat products and other more complex products. Use high temperature sterilization and ultraviolet sterilization or water sterilization to eliminate bacteria in food and packaging bag, prevent the growth of bacteria, and effectively extend the shelf life of products. This is the most important feature and function of high temperature sterilization packaging bags. Therefore, when ordering video packaging bags, you must tell the manufacturer what your product is, what sterilization method or storage method you have.

 Food packaging form
1,Flat pouch  flat bottom bag
They are mainly used as outer packaging for food. They have a certain degree of moisture resistance and are also diverse in materials. Paper bags, aluminum bags, and plastic bags can be customized regardless of the material structure. Of course, whether it is a food manufacturer or a consumer, they like flat bottom bags because flat bottom bags have a beautiful appearance and atmosphere. Bring your own attraction.
 brown paper pouch with zipper matte material food pouch
 2,Stand up pouch (Doy pack)
Consumers believe that products packaged in stand-up pouches have a good brand image and are very convenient. If you add a zipper stand-up pouch, you can repeat it; filling the stand-up pouch makes the food easier to pour; and tearing the opening is an ideal package Liquid foods such as beverages and dairy products. Perfect printing quality can help retailers in order to attract the attention of consumers, because it is a soft plastic packaging, light weight, not easy to damage, reduce sales and storage capital; waste disposal is easier than bottles, stand-up bags, cans, packaging regulations Less restrictions and so on. All these advantages make the stand-up pouch packaging industry one of the fastest growing forms of packaging and is one of the classics of modern packaging.
flat borrom paper pouchfood pouch with window
3,Spout pouch (nozzle bag)
Nozzle stand-up pouch packaging is mainly used for juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled water, respirable jellies, spices and other products. In addition to the food industry, some detergents, daily cosmetics, medical supplies and other products are also gradually increasing. Nozzle stand-up pouch packaging adds appearance and color to the colorful world. The clear and bright pattern can stand upright on the shelf, reflecting the excellent brand image, making it easier to attract consumers’ attention and adapt to the modern supermarket sales trend. After using, customers can realize the perfection of the products, which is favored by most consumers.

The advantages of nozzle stand-up pouch packaging are known to more consumers. With the increase of social environmental awareness, nozzle stand-up pouches will become a trend. A perfect standard system helps improve product quality and product categories, and regulate market order. However, at present, the self-supporting nozzle self-supporting bag is based on the standard revision plan, and the National Packaging Machinery Standardization Technical Committee is responsible for organizing the self-supporting bag filling screw cap packaging machine industry standard.

12de6d72bc9608d3aluminum foil juice bag

4,Jerky bag

Jerky bag mainly used for packaging foods that need to be sterilized, such as beef, lamb, soy products, milk and other products. Combined with special material combination, it has good air tightness and sterilization effect. Can withstand high temperature 130 ℃. The cooking time is up to 30 minutes. Effectively kill and inhibit the invasion of bacteria.

jerky paper pouch with zipperfood pouch for beef
Food packaging safety is the focus of global attention. Food packaging safety is worthy of in-depth research and public supervision by packaging companies. Under the pressure of society, the supervision will extract more suitable for the needs of society and achieve healthy food packaging. At present, all raw materials we use are food-grade materials, we have FDA, SGS, ISO9001 and other documents. It is enough to prove that the food packaging bags we produce are safe enough.

Post time: Jun-05-2020

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