Spout Pouch List

We think it is a happy thing when you want to buy a spout bag and can see their sizes , So Baolai team has specially compiled some of the sizes commonly used by our customers for you.

It can be made of aluminum foil and transparent spout pouch for food, liquid , baby food, cosmetic product ,alcohol ,shampoo, etc.,,In order to make the appearance look better, we will polish the corners to make it more rounded and beautiful.

Item Size Thickness Material Features
30ml 7*11+2.5cm       




PA  is nylon





1,Top Spout

2,Corner Spout


3,With handle


4,without handle


Can shape we can do

50ml 8*11+2.5cm
100ml 8*12.5+2.5cm
150ml 9*15+3cm
200ml 10*16+3cm
250ml 10*17.5+3cm
300ml 11*18+3.5cm
380ml 12*18+4cm
500ml 14*21+4cm
1000ml 18*25+4.5cm
1500ml 21*28+5cm
2000ml 22*29+5.5cm
2500ml 27*30+6.5cm
5L 34.5*31+8cm
10L 40*41+8.5cm
Remark:1. The product conforms China GB9683-88 food package bag health standard2. The product conforms American 21CFR 170-199 interrelated provision3. The product conforms Europe union (EU) No 10/2011 and revise case4. All raw materials are virgin grade, there is no recycled blends 

We think you must want to know more about their thickness, material and weight. Please don't worry. We have also carefully prepared a form for you to solve all

your needs.

For transparent spout pouches  & Aluminum foil stand up pouch with spout  :

The best quality is  30ml-350ml : 130 micron

The normal quality is 30ml-350ml :95 micron -110 micron

500ml &1L &2L  160 micron,   If need add yellow handle,  use 200micron .

With yellow handle :1.5L &2.5L  & 5L    200micron

10L :220 micron .


Warm tips:

1,The price based on the size ,thickness, materials ,quantity , and we always provide competitive price.

About US :

1,Baolai team produce packaging bags since 2005, have 16years experience form now.

2,Leakproofing is our strength,

3,Baby safe, and we always use food grade materials . and have FDA,  EU,  EC certificates .

4,For quality problem, we have one year after service .

Please send us your inquiry , you will get a competitive price and best quality .

Post time: Sep-06-2021

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