vacuum bag for food packaging

Vacuum packaging bag are already common in our daily life, it used for food packaging to extend the product’s shelf life.  Now, there are different vacuum bag on the market.  So, you have to choose a vacuum bag with good material and sealing effect to use and keep the product nutritional value of the food color,  aroma and taste.


How to use the vacuum bag to store? The general air is permeable to the package material. And the package material can be influenced by the temperature too. The higher the temperature, the larger the coefficient and the more serious it it.  Therefor, for the food packed in vacuum bag,it has to be stored in the low temperature. If it is placed at the high temperature, it will seriously affect the permeability and cause the food inside to deteriorate.


There are many things need to be pay attention to when using the vacuum packaging bags. For example, be careful not to stick grease, protein and other residues on the sealing part.  In this way, the sealing can be done perfectly.



In addition, vacuum-packed packaging bags need to be heat-sterilized,and the sterilization temperature and time should be strictly controlled during processing. This is done to avoid excessive internal pressure of the packaging bag due to excessive temperature, resulting in Seal separation, rupture. When using it, it should be completely pumped, especially for fresh meat and unshaped, so that no residual gas can be left, so as to prevent the residual gas from causing food corruption in the vacuum packaging bag.





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Post time: Apr-13-2023

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