Welcome to Thanksgiving and Christmas — high-quality spout pouch for you

With the arrival of October, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are just around the corner.

In the West, October 31 every year is the traditional festival of Halloween in Western countries, and pumpkins play an important role in Halloween. Halloween is a day to pray for peace, and it is also a festival to celebrate the autumn harvest. At this time, Americans and many western countries will celebrate Halloween by eating pumpkin pie and various pumpkin delicacies. Pumpkin seems to have become the representative food of autumn and a symbol of autumn harvest. The practice of pumpkin pie is to cut the pumpkin into pieces, remove the flesh, steam it, peel it and mash it into a puree, add honey, flour, glutinous rice flour, and make it into a soft pumpkin dough, and then fry it in the pot. We are a professional packaging manufacturer, we can customize all kinds of spout pouch, which can hold honey, ketchup, etc. Our spout pouch is tight and will not leak.

006We often forget how lucky we are, and dont know how to be grateful to others and life, thinking that this happiness is taken for granted. Thanksgiving is all about reminding us to keep a grateful heart, and a hearty Thanksgiving recipe is one of the most exciting parts of this traditional American holiday. A must for Thanksgiving is turkey, with mashed potatoes, peeled and cooked, mashed, then added with butter, milk and a little garlic. We can customize the spout pouch to hold butter, milk, etc. On the turkey, we need to put the sauce, and the spout pouch is essential at this time. Come and find us to customize it~

 tomato sauce  ketchup pouch

Christmas is also a very important holiday. On Christmas day, the essential foods on this day are Christmas turkey, smoked ham, Christmas salmon, Christmas pudding and so on. At this time, a large number of spout pouch are needed. Our factory can accommodate a large number of spout pouch for simultaneous production, with advanced production equipment and exquisite production technology. We have professional designers to design the spout pouch, if there is a need, now is the best time to place an order, so come and leave us your contact information and we will provide you with the best service.


Post time: Oct-06-2022

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