Why is it expensive to customize exactly the same sample

All the salespersons of our company can send out some samples of 4-6 customers every day.It can be seen that the sample is very important to the customer.

The packaging bags we sell include stand up pouches, gusset bags, spout pouches, and flat-bottom pouches, Vacuum bags . In terms of materials, there are aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags, and paper bags.

For the Packaging bag samples, we provide 3 solutions :
1,We provide stock samples,
Based on your requirements, We will provide our stock samples which similar with your size , thickness , materials , And we also marked the size and thickness for you, and we also provide some printing bags for you to check our printing .


2, If you really want custom samples,
We can use digital printing print some bags ,and the digital printing bags is the best sell bags ,maybe didn’t same as your size and materials, but it must be similar with your size, and you can check the printing .
3, If you must have exactly the same samples, if digital printing is not enough, you must use gravure printing, or a combination of digital printing and gravure printing. Their cost is higher than the cost of inventory samples and digital printing. Without charging any material costs, the production of packaging bags requires a total of 4 progress, and each progress requires 2-3 workers. The machine is debugged first. The machine debugging time is more than 30 minutes, so our labor cost will be very high. So custom samples is a big trouble to both us .

When mention the custom sample, we have to introduce the printing machine.
We now have three different types of printing presses:

What is the difference of the different printing machine ?
1.Gravure printing machine:
The most widely used, the fastest printing speed, good printing effect. Accept all kinds of special customization (including UV printing, drawing design)Will not fade.
But there is a MOQ limit. (Because the machine is large, at least 6000 meters of raw materials are required for each start, otherwise the machine cannot be started)
Gravure printing is the most popular mass printing ,Good Printing, short delivery time . best quality , all customers love it .

2.Digital Printing Machine:
There is no MOQ limit and can accept the small order(but at least 100pcs bags). The printing effect is good.
But some special printing customization and materials(such as, kraft bag) cannot be used and the printing charge is the most expensive.

3.Monochrome printing machine:
Silk printing originated very early. It is a surface printing technology. The printing time is slow and the ink will fade after being rubbed. Silk printing can only print one color. At present, everyone is paying more and more attention to packaging printing. Because silk printing cannot satisfy multicolor For printing, few companies currently use silk screen printing.it is also suitable for all kinds of packaging bags , Stand up Pouches, Flat Bottom Pouches, Doypack, Spout Pouches, Vacuum Bags ..

For custom samples , We will give you the best solution based on your bag size , materials and printing .

All of our plans will focus on the actual needs of customers, and do our best to help customers produce the packaging bags they need, so as to achieve a win-win cooperation.


This process is exactly the same as that of your normal order. So, the waste of raw materials, printing costs, labor costs, and machine costs add up to at least $100 for a sample.

Therefore, many customers choose another solution: receive some bag samples of the same material to test the material and printing effect. Use a mock up to show customer your products. And that is the most cost effective deal.

Of course, the actual selection situation based on each situation of each customer. Baolai all team will respect and support you each decision. Looking forward to work with you soon.

Post time: Oct-11-2021

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