Why the Vacuum Bags Need Nylon

Vacuum bags are closely related to our lives. When our food wants to be stored for a longer period of time, if we want to keep it drier, free from moisture or bacteria, then we need to use vacuum packaging bags.

The materials of the vacuum bags are many and varied, and the quality is uneven. So how do we choose the vacuum bags with high quality, low price and suitable for us?Whether the vacuum bag has nylon or not has become the only criterion for judging the quality of the vacuum bag.

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Although there are many types of vacuum bags, vacuum bags are inseparable from nylon. A vacuum bag without nylon material is like a winter jacket without down.

Nylon is the material with the best tensile properties among the composite materials, so it has good puncture resistance. The density of nylon is very high, so the barrier properties are made in all plastic films, almost without any pores. If all the air in the nylon vacuum bag is exhausted, the centimeter product can be stored at room temperature for at least 6 months. We call it Nylon or BOPA, PA.

The main uses of nylon bags are: fish, seafood, soup, grain, juice, fruit puree, any food that needs to be vacuumed, dry and wet, etc., need to use nylon. Such as curry, soup, juice, puree, beverage. They are inseparable from nylon.

What bag types are available for nylon vacuum bags? ORANGE BAGGUSSET BAGBACK-SEALED BAGS STAND UP POUCH, 3-SEALRD SACHET, SPOUT POUCH, FLAT BOTTOM BAG, etc. are all all can make vacuum packaging bags. And printing various patterns .

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Development prospects of vacuum bags: With the continuous development of the market, many packaging bag materials will be eliminated by the market and replaced with degradable packaging bags, but vacuum packaging bags will not be changed, because any degradable material They are unstable materials. They have very good air permeability and hardly have any vacuum effect. They cannot meet our requirements for food preservation. Vacuum bags alone cannot be replaced.

 Try not to add a zipper to the vacuum bag, because the zipper is easy to leak, resulting in poor air tightness and a good vacuum effect.

There is nothing worse than finding a steak in the refrigerator a few weeks ago, only to find that it looks more like the icicle-coated Jack Nicholson in The Shining than anything edible . A good vacuum sealer can prevent the freezer from burns and make the food fresher longer. After months of sealing meat, nuts, biscuits and fruits, we believe that the Nesco American Harvest VS-12 vacuum sealing machine can provide the best combination of powerful suction and useful functions. aluminum foil bag for food If you often buy or store food in bulk, compared to using containers, plastic wrap or zipper bags, vacuum sealing provides a safer method of distributing and packaging food. If unprocessed proteins such as meat, poultry and seafood are sealed before freezing, the freezer can be burned in the bay for longer.Chef Janet Crandall said: “Usually, frozen raw meat can be stored safely for about six months to a year. Vacuuming can remove about 99% of the air, so the meat can last about three years. “(Although Crandall admits that she hasn’t kept anything in the refrigerator for three years.) For avid hunters or fishermen, longer storage times are especially important. Butcher Garry Zick explained in “Practical Game Handling: Freezer Field”: “If you shoot large animals such as elk or moose, there are indeed some tonnages there. You do need to store them safely for a long time. Vacuum packaging is recommended.” Even once storage A few pounds of ground meat, vacuum sealing will also help prevent oxidation, thereby maintaining its color and integrity. If you often buy or store food in bulk, compared to using containers, plastic wrap or zipper bags, vacuum sealing provides a safer method of distributing and packaging food. Nylon Meat Vacuum Bag We tested each model by sealing ground beef, pork chops, biscuits, nuts and raspberries. Photo: Michael Hession In addition, Nesco can form a double seal on the bag, which is a good choice for safely containing food with high moisture content. You can also use the machine to seal other plastic bags, such as sawdust bags (although the vacuum function cannot be used on these plastic bags). Nesco sells its own line of accessory port accessories, but most FoodSaver accessories can also be used on this machine. Other features we like include slots for storing bags and a built-in sliding bag cutter, which can be used much faster than manually cutting bags with scissors. The handle on the lid makes this model one of the easiest to close and lock. We prefer a sealing machine like the runner-up Nesco VS-02, which does not have a handle and requires a lot of effort to manually push the lid off before vacuuming. The size of Nesco is about 15¾x 8×6⅛ inches, which is a fairly controllable size. It weighs just over 6 pounds, is light and can be moved around, especially when you store it in a tall cabinet. https://www.packagingbagfactory.com/vacuum-bag/ The bag can be washed and reused, especially for food items such as crumbs, nuts or biscuits. However, we will proceed with caution and use fresh bags when packing raw meat. Also, for best results, you should avoid sealing certain fruits and vegetables that naturally release ethylene gas, as they will weaken the bag’s tightness (see FoodSaver’s food list to avoid sealing)

Post time: Nov-24-2020

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