Application of 5G technology in packaging industry

China’s packaging industry started in the 1970s and has been based on paper packaging and metal packaging, and later developed into plastic single-layer packaging, and now plastic composite packaging, aluminum-plastic composite packaging, paper-plastic composite packaging, etc. or more complex Packaging materials and shapes.
With the continuous development of technology and technology, we began to study the application of digitization in the packaging industry. 5G technology may design links such as product research, development, market testing, manufacturing, product launch, sales, and after-sales in the packaging industry. The use of digital processes can effectively improve operational efficiency and accuracy. The transformation of the flexible packaging industry in the 5G era is mainly manifested in the five aspects of digital R & D design, production process, warehousing logistics, order acquisition, and after-sales.
1. Digital R & D and Design Digital R & D design can effectively save development costs and improve efficiency. The intelligent production process can improve the quality of flexible packaging products, and throughout the processing of production data, it plays a role in the rational allocation of production factors.

below pictuers show you our factory and machinery equipment

packaging bag machinepackaiging bag factorypaper bag machinepackaing bag printing machine

2. Intelligent production process In order to realize the intelligence of the entire production process, we generally borrow big data to build an information platform. By using a variety of different types of sensing sense, all the production processes are under the supervision of the information platform, plus The role of various intelligent algorithms is to realize the intelligentization of the entire production process in a true sense.
3. Intelligent warehousing and logistics Logistics warehouses account for a considerable portion of the entire product manufacturing and sales process, which affects corporate profits. Therefore, the establishment of an intelligent logistics warehouse system can effectively improve operating efficiency and save costs, and then achieve increased profits. 4. Order acquisition The intelligence of order acquisition is analyzed and obtained through the means of big data. The user browses the content on the website or client platform every day to analyze the user’s preference for flexible packaging goods or services, so as to realize the personalization of flexible packaging goods. Intelligent order acquisition.
5 After sales Our current after-sales service methods include remote after-sales and door-to-door after-sales. Big data is not particularly helpful to our industry ’s after-sales problems. Our technology is excellent and there are very few after-sales problems because we Survival is tested by professional technicians, and the product will be tested again after it is made. This is our rigorous work, our product qualification rate of each batch is very high. We have already cooperated with customers in more than 20 countries, and have been well received by customers.

Post time: Nov-30-2018

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