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  • Food packaging bag safety is a global focus keep food pouch safe

    There are many types of food packaging bag and different materials. What we produce is a kind of food pouch   –food packaging bag, mainly composite packaging bags, there are paper bag, aluminum bag, and plastic composite packaging bag. According to the technical classification, it can be di...
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  • Heat sealing packaging film has certain heat sealing requirements

    1. Heat sealing temperature The selection of the heat sealing temperature of the composite film is closely related to the performance, thickness of the composite substrate, the model, speed, and hot air pressure of the bag making machine, which directly affects the level of the heat sealing stren...
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  • Chinese pneumonia virus in Wuhan

    The new coronavirus exploded like a bomb in our land, and 1.4 billion Chinese people are fighting for it. We believe that we can defeat it, and we can completely eliminate it. And a safe, peaceful and beautiful China in the world. Our government and army have made great contributions to this, and...
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  • High temperature cooking of aluminum bag

    Aluminum bag is a high-grade printing and packaging material, and it has the advantages of good insulation, airtight body and water vapor, and is not easy to be attacked by bacteria and insects. Mainly used for food-grade packaging. Aluminum bag is one of the food grade packaging materials, which...
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  • The development trend of food pouch

    The functional requirements of the food pouch composite film include the requirements for appearance, functional requirements for barrier properties, light protection, pollution resistance, puncture resistance, easy peeling, and easy tearing. These are some food pouch for your reference: Common ...
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  • 5 points about aluminum bag

    Aluminized bags and pure aluminum bag are packaging bags of two different materials. Although they all contain aluminum foil, their thickness and aluminum content are very different. 1,from the material point of view, the pure aluminum bag has a pure aluminum layer in the middle, and the thickne...
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  • How to make a beautiful juice bag

    1,Design a beautiful pattern for  your juice bag The beautiful pattern directly determines the appearance and effect of the juice  bag. In general, we suggest that the pattern design should be simple and clear, which can highlight the characteristics and selling points of the product and can also...
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  • How to make a good dog food bag

    What are the types of dog food bag? Dog food packaging bags are available in aluminum foil, aluminum plating and transparent. Under what circumstances use aluminum foil material to produce dog food packaging bags? When the packaged dog food exceeds 2.5 kg, we recommend using aluminum foil to pack...
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  • Top ten materials in the packaging field

    The packaging materials can be divided into ten categories: 1, nano-packaging materials 2, metal-based composite materials 3, bio-polymer materials 4, silicone and fluorine-based materials 5, new plastics and plastic alloys 6, metal foils and Profile 7, functional polyme...
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