How to solve the problem of rotten Retort Pouch

With the changes in lifestyle, retort bags/Retort Pouches/Doypack have gradually taken over the dominant position. They are low in price, small in size and very suitable for transportation. People all over the world like them.

Now I will help you analyze the reasons why retort bags  rotten during the cooking process. This time I summarized three points:

1. Have you informed the retort pouches manufacturer that you are purchasing a retort bag ?

2. Do you inform the Retort Pouches /Doypacks factory your retort temperature ?

3. What is the cooking time?

4. What pressure do you use during cooking?

Here are my answers:

1. Before purchasing retort bags, you must inform them that you are purchasing packaging bags that require high-temperature sterilization exceeding 100°C. To be sure produce the Retort Pouch for you not a pasteurization bags . At the same time, this also requires the seller to be professional enough, because not every packaging factory has the strength to make retort bags.

2. Before purchasing, you must inform the packaging bag manufacturer what your production temperature is. Under normal circumstances, the atmosphere of the retort bag is 105–124℃, 125—135℃. Just choose the temperature that suits you, and the temperature must be real. Wrong temperature will make the retort Pouches .

3. Strictly control the cooking time. Under normal circumstances, the cooking time for retort bags is 15-40 minutes. Some merchants require 60 minutes. You must inform the Retort packaging factory. Only with correct data can you get a suitable retort bag.

4. What is your cooking pressure? Under normal circumstances, the cooking pressure must be 2.0bar to ensure the balance of internal and external pressure so that the bag does not swell or become rotten.

Summary: Not everyone can produce a good retort bag with stable quality. It needs to consider all aspects such as temperature, material, glue, ink, curing time, sealing style, etc. Only in this way can the retort bag be guaranteed to be in good condition. It retains its original properties after cooking.

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Post time: Jan-11-2024

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