How to choose a suitable packaging bag?

When you need to package products, How to choose the type of packaging bag, in the face of different bag types, have you ever been dazzled? Then, let me help you carefully distinguish between different bags, the characteristics of different bags and its application scenarios. hope this will help you.


Bag type


Application Scenarios

Flat Bag

Can be tiled on the surface of an object, with only three faces sealed (two sides and bottom / top sides)

Chocolate bag, peanuts bags, fish bags and other high-end snack packaging.

Stand up Pouch/Doypack

It means that the bag itself is self-supporting

Suitable for most products. Such as food, cosmetics, chemical products, pharmaceutical products, hardware electronics and so on.

Spout Pouch/Doypack

It has a self-supporting bottom and a suction nozzle on the top or side.

Suitable for many types of liquid or semi-solid products. Such as cosmetics, shampoos, drinks, etc.

Flat Bottom Pouch

It has to be sealed four sides on the side and four sides on the inside. A total of eight sides.

Suitable for coffee, tea, nuts, pet food,snack food , etc

Back Seal Bag/Pillow Bag

The seal is on the back of the package

Suitable for candy, bagged instant noodles, bagged dairy products, Medical consumables,etc.

Quad Bag

Compared to the pillow bag, it has two more sides, kind of like an accordion.

suitable for small snack packaging, such as dry goods, potato chips, melon seeds, etc.

Bag-in-box/Double Bottom Pouch

It has a sealed faucet in the bag. /It has two identical bottoms.

Suitable for fruit juices, wines, edible oils, industrial chemicals, liquid fertilizers and pesticides

Roll Stock

The seal is not in the longitudinal direction, but in the transverse direction

Suitable for ice cream, pet products, milk tea, etc.

Post time: Feb-21-2024

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