• Whole sale food grade good quality bag bag coffee bag small sachet coffee filter in stock for selling promotional.

    Whole sale food grade good quality bag bag coffee bag small sachet coffee filter in stock for selling promotional.

    At the beginning of the new year, in order to give back to the many customers who have supported us and relieve the pressure on our warehouse, our company decided to clear some products at a loss. Below are the details of the promotional products along with the offer. All products have food-grade...
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  • Different properties of different packaging materials

    After the development of science and technology, packaging technology has also made great progress. It has gradually developed from the original paper bag packaging to the current polymer plastic packaging bag. All the advantages of the original paper bag packaging have been replaced by plastic p...
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  • Why is it expensive to customize exactly the same sample

    All the salespersons of our company can send out some samples of 4-6 customers every day.It can be seen that the sample is very important to the customer. The packaging bags we sell include stand up pouches, gusset bags, spout pouches, and flat-bottom pouches, Vacuum bags . In terms of materials,...
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  • Biodegradable and compostable bag packaging pouch

    For the  Compostable biodegradable packaging bag ,They are new environmentally friendly material,Can pack dried food ,Solids, particles, data cables, chargers, etc., so far, there are two types of structures: paper and paper-plastic composite. It is possible that by 2025, 50% of the world’s...
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  • Spout Pouch List

    We think it is a happy thing when you want to buy a spout bag and can see their sizes , So Baolai team has specially compiled some of the sizes commonly used by our customers for you. It can be made of aluminum foil and transparent spout pouch for...
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  • New product-100% compostable PLA packaging bag

      Good packaging must be safe and environmentally friendly. This is the proposition of our Baolai Packaging for the consistent inspection of products. Meet our new product-100% compostable PLA packaging bags.   Material: Paper+PLA Shape and size: customizable PS: It can be used with co...
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  • How to choose the right Coffee Bean Packaging Bag

    Coffee is almost a necessity in the lives of most modern people. You may be able to distinguish the quality of coffee, but have you paid attention to the quality of coffee packaging bags? Sometimes the quality of the coffee may be very good, but the wrong packaging bag is used, which greatly com...
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  • Baolai Packaging Bags explain the professional knowledge of packaging bags

    Dear customers ,Thanks for your coming, I am Alice, the international marketing manager of Baolai Packaging Co., Ltd. And  I have been engaged in the flexible packaging bag industry since 2006 and have been committed to the research and customization of packaging bags. The following is the profe...
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  • Gold quality Coffee Bean Packaging Bag Made in China

    1, Materials of the Coffee Bean Bag: a, matte surface :  MOPP+VMPET+PE, Matte  PET +AL+PE (best moisture proof) 2,Details of coffee bean pouch  Rounding Corner,   Double  Zipper,    UV,   Tear Notch. 3,Size of coffee bean bag    Weight of Coffee Bean Bag  a,  125 gram  coffee bean bag weig...
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  • Necessary steps for custom laundry detergent packaging bags spout pouch

        Everyone knows that good-looking laundry detergent packaging bags can double the sales of laundry detergent and quickly gain a foothold in the market. So how can we produce good-looking laundry detergent packaging bags? 1, Design must be creative The design must be creative and co...
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  • 5ways to prevent the vacuum bag from leaking

    Vacuum packaging bags use vacuum to remove oxygen to extend the shelf life of food and maintain its original flavor for a long time. But why does food vacuum packaging bags have flatulence? How to prevent the vacuum bag from leaking?   1,Avoid air leakage from the material. The main materia...
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  • How to choose a baby food puree spout pouch

    I have in this field 8 years , Most problems are spout bags ,  today ,I introduce the spout pouches for you . Hope can help you .   Many customers thought their products are very good and no food additives. It is best ,I prise for you . Only in this way can food safety be ensured. But here comes ...
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