• Congratulations on our purchase of a new ten-color packaging printing machine

    Henan Baolai Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of composite packaging bags. We have been committed to the production and research of composite packaging bags since our establishment. At present, our products have been exported to Europe, Asia and South America, North America and ...
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  • Application of plastic packaging film for coffee bag and protein powder bag

    Plastic packaging film is a modern packaging material that needs to be packaged by machine. There are transparent film and aluminum foil film, aluminized film, vacuum film, etc. The width and thickness of the plastic packaging film are usually determined by the packaging machine. The thickness of...
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  • Application of compostable and degradable packaging bags

    Compostable bags are degradable bags made of plastic and paper. The packaging products currently used will not degrade under normal circumstances, but the degradable packaging bags can be completely degraded after being buried in the ground for about 40 days after adding the degradable materials....
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  • Food packaging bag safety is a global focus keep food pouch safe

    There are many types of food packaging bag and different materials. What we produce is a kind of food pouch   –food packaging bag, mainly composite packaging bags, there are paper bag, aluminum bag, and plastic composite packaging bag. According to the technical classification, it can be di...
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  • 3 types of paper pouch

    Henan Baolai Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of packaging bags. The main products we produce include kraft paper bags, aluminum-plastic composite packaging, and three types of plastic packaging. Kraft paper bags are one of the most popular types of bags in the world. Many count...
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  • Development trend of packaging bags

    Whether in the past or in the future, packaging bags are based on mass production and provide customized services for various bag types and materials. This can highlight the increase in brand awareness and market recognition and customer trust. But the packaging is constantly being updated. At fi...
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  • Heat sealing packaging film has certain heat sealing requirements

    1. Heat sealing temperature The selection of the heat sealing temperature of the composite film is closely related to the performance, thickness of the composite substrate, the model, speed, and hot air pressure of the bag making machine, which directly affects the level of the heat sealing stren...
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  • Chinese pneumonia virus in Wuhan

    The new coronavirus exploded like a bomb in our land, and 1.4 billion Chinese people are fighting for it. We believe that we can defeat it, and we can completely eliminate it. And a safe, peaceful and beautiful China in the world. Our government and army have made great contributions to this, and...
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  • High temperature cooking of aluminum bag

    Aluminum bag is a high-grade printing and packaging material, and it has the advantages of good insulation, airtight body and water vapor, and is not easy to be attacked by bacteria and insects. Mainly used for food-grade packaging. Aluminum bag is one of the food grade packaging materials, which...
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  • The development trend of food pouch

    The functional requirements of the food pouch composite film include the requirements for appearance, functional requirements for barrier properties, light protection, pollution resistance, puncture resistance, easy peeling, and easy tearing. These are some food pouch for your reference: Common ...
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  • Application of 5G technology in packaging industry

    China’s packaging industry started in the 1970s and has been based on paper packaging and metal packaging, and later developed into plastic single-layer packaging, and now plastic composite packaging, aluminum-plastic composite packaging, paper-plastic composite packaging, etc. or more comp...
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  • 5 points about aluminum bag

    Aluminized bags and pure aluminum bag are packaging bags of two different materials. Although they all contain aluminum foil, their thickness and aluminum content are very different. 1,from the material point of view, the pure aluminum bag has a pure aluminum layer in the middle, and the thickne...
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