New product-100% compostable PLA packaging bag


Good packaging must be safe and environmentally friendly.

This is the proposition of our Baolai Packaging for the consistent inspection of products. Meet our new product-100% compostable PLA packaging bags.


compostable PLA packaging bag

Material: Paper+PLA

Shape and size: customizable

PS: It can be used with compostable zipper.

Composting conditions:

★Conditions of industrial composting

The temperature is 58~60℃,

Moisture content is 90~95%,

Enough microorganisms and bacteria, multiply and decompose

The film bag can be completely decomposed as soon as 3~6 months

The wall thickness of injection/sheet material is ≥1mm, and the degradation of CO2+H2O is completed in at least one year.


★Family composting conditions

1) Temperature 28~30℃

2) Humidity 90-95%

3) Under sufficient microbial environment

4) Household compost degradation cycle is 360 days

Biodegradable materials are valid for 12 to 18 months at room temperature. Beyond the effective shelf life, it will become brittle, brittle and decompose the fragments of powder, but will not disappear, and the degradation of CO2+H2O must be completed under the conditions of industrial composting.


PS: It can be safely stored for more than 2 years at normal environment. No need to worry about bag storage.


I believe you are also an environmentalist. If you need compostable packaging bags, please contact us.

Post time: Jul-15-2021

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