Spout pouch packaging is more convenient packaging for baby/children food. The baby food packaigng is easy for feed, carry when go out.  The busy parents can take some in their bags.


Although the spout pouch packaging-puree cannot be an adequate replacement for the fresh fruit and vegetables, they sill pack a decent amount of nutrition and can provide much – needed vitamins and minerals- especially


While bagged purees aren’t an adequate replacement for fresh fruits and vegetables, they still pack a decent amount of nutrition and can provide much-needed vitamins and minerals — especially important for children who have feeding difficulties.


Here are some tips about how to choose the suitable baby puree.

✅Look at raw materials

When choosing fruit puree for babies, the ingredients should preferably be natural and organic, high-quality ingredients, relatively safer, and cost-effective.

✅Look at the nutritional formula

The cleaner the ingredient list for choosing fruit puree, the better. It is best to only contain fruit puree and not add others.

✅The list of ingredients is clean

Do not choose fruit purees that contain additives such as water, fruit juice, fruit pulp, sugar, etc. It is not considered pure fruit puree, and sugar is added in disguise, which is not suitable for babies.

✅Look at the taste

Choose fruit purees with a delicate taste and moderate sweet and sour taste, which are suitable for babies. Do not choose fruit purees with a lot of sugar, which will cause dental caries if you eat too much.


The bagged fruit puree bag has a nozzle design, which can make it easier for children to suck. At present, Heinz has launched bags of puree bags, juice bags and so on. Now this bag has become a popular trend. Moreover, this packaging can be sterilized at high temperature, stored for a long time, convenient for transportation, and has low storage cost. Innovative design. Covers also come in a variety of shapes and colors. It is more popular with children.


Currently popular puree spout pouch bags are available in 80g – 160g packs. Of which 80g.. 90g are very popular. The material is also made of the best aluminum foil material (convenient for hot filling and sterilization, etc.), edible grade material, BPA  free packaging bags..


At present, the baby spout bags of Baolai factory have been exported to many countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia, the United States, and Malaysia. A variety of samples are available for testing. We have many years of production experience and export experience in the production of retort pouches and baby food spout pouches. If you have any needs on the packaging, please contact us.@

Post time: Apr-21-2023

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