Danimer Scientific’s new plastic is biodegradable

Henan Baolai packaging factory has been committed to the research and implementation of degradable packaging bags.Currently we can produce kraft paper degradable packaging bags, plastic degradable packaging bags, degradable trays and degradable straws.stand up  potato chip bags ,biodegradable paper bags.

compostable bag brown paper coffee bag with valve degradable bag

At that time, polylactic acid (PLA) was a relatively new material in the field of plastics and was certified for biodegradation in industrial composting environments. By using PLA and other biopolymers, Danimer proposed an extrusion coating resin that paper companies can use to coat their paper cups.
Because there were no recycling options for traditional plastic coated cups at the time, this made the market more sustainable. Since then, Danimer has created many biopolymer blends that can serve the entire disposable plastic market, including single-cup coffee pods, tableware, snack food packaging bags and straws.
PHA use to produce plastic products that are renewable and biodegradable in almost any environment. The process of PHA decomposition is similar to that of cellulose or wood.

If it is discarded in the environment or compost bin, it will be consumed by microorganisms as a source of carbon food. Possession of technologies such as PHA can change the plastics industry because it provides you with environmentally sustainable end-of-life and end-of-life solutions.

potato chips bag

PHA provides a huge opportunity to replace traditional disposable plastics with renewable and biodegradable alternatives. Many brand owners have publicly announced their goals to reduce their environmental footprint. With PHA, they can use materials similar to the plastics we are used to biodegradable packaging products, such as biodegradable bags,degradable bags,   but if handled correctly, they will disappear quickly. If the material does exist in the environment, it will be broken down in a similar way to the way it was created.


This year, our plastic straws can be composted in the backyard or biodegraded in the ocean, and won the 2020  Award from the Plastics Industry Association. We are committed to sustainable development.

Post time: Nov-07-2020

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