Necessary steps for custom laundry detergent packaging bags spout pouch



Everyone knows that good-looking laundry detergent packaging bags can double the sales of laundry detergent and quickly gain a foothold in the market. So how can we produce good-looking laundry detergent packaging bags?

1, Design must be creative

The design must be creative and conform to the aesthetics of the market crowd, and the copy must be able to highlight the uniqueness of the product, so you must find an excellent designer

when designing

  1. Plates/Cylinder

The plate making work before the production of the packaging bag is very important, and the quality of the plate roll engraving directly affects the printing effect. The plate-making factory we cooperate with is the best plate-making factory in China, with exquisite carvings and realistic colors.


Good packaging materials have high transparency, odorless, and colorless. Whether it is packaging food or other products, our company uses all food-grade new materials. Our production costs are affected by good materials, but we will always use good materials. Therefore, many of our old customers have been cooperating with us and are assured of our quality.


We are using the most advanced 10-color printing machine, which can print 10 Pantone colors and other pressing patterns at the same time. The printing effect is realistic, without drawing, and our printers have more than ten years of technology masters. They are experienced and serious in their work.


We have two matching methods: solvent-free compounding and glue compounding, and we will choose the appropriate method according to the material of the packaging bag. There will be no bubbles.

6Cut Bag

The bag making process is to use a hot-scalding slitting machine to cut the composite packaging film into bags after adjusting the slitting line. Our slitting machines are all automated computer counting, so there will be no difference in quantity.


We have specialized personnel to pack and repackage the bags. Our packing standard is PP film + carton + strap + stretch film, and then pallets. Stretch film after palleting to ensure safety during transportation.

Post time: Apr-25-2021

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