Application of compostable and degradable packaging bags

Compostable bags are degradable bags made of plastic and paper. The packaging products currently used will not degrade under normal circumstances, but the degradable packaging bags can be completely degraded after being buried in the ground for about 40 days after adding the degradable materials. Will not cause harm to the environment.

Under the general concept of environmental protection, various demands for packaging recycling, biodegradability, and compostable degradation are increasing. The sustainability of packaging has become a global consensus. Many companies, including us, are also working hard to make packaging degradable and sustainable. Do research on development. The current problem is that composite packaging contains multiple materials, which cannot be recycled uniformly and is difficult to handle. Therefore, the industry has promoted the development and use of a single material and multilayer composite. However, there is no perfect solution to how the biodegradation controls the time and degree of degradation, and how long it takes for the compost to complete the degradation.

At present, the compostable packaging we produce includes kraft paper packaging and plastic degradable packaging. Plastic degradable packaging is currently mainly used in supermarket tote bags, and has not yet been fully applied to the food industry. I believe that through our continuous efforts, compostable packaging will speed up the production process.

Compared with other packaging, flexible packaging products have many advantages in sustainable development; high utilization rate of raw materials and resources, long shelf life cycle, extremely high production-to-finished product ratio, low transportation cost, convenience, and small product footprint. Occupying landfill sites, better life cycle indicators, the EU regulations by 2030, so plastic packaging must be easily recycled or reused. Therefore, under the current general trend of environmental protection, flexible packaging has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities.

The current degradable flexible packaging material is mainly to add degradable materials to PE. At present, mass production of degradable handbags and production of degradable disposable lunch boxes have been realized. They will not cause harm to the environment. The compostable time is 40 days.

Post time: Jul-14-2020

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