Development trend of packaging bags

Whether in the past or in the future, packaging bags are based on mass production and provide customized services for various bag types and materials. This can highlight the increase in brand awareness and market recognition and customer trust.
But the packaging is constantly being updated. At first, because of the lack of technology, we could only produce and use paper packaging bags and single-layer PE film packaging bags. Later, according to market demand and technological progress, there were iron packaging products, iron boxes and sealed cans. Their cost is high and it is not easy to carry. Later, these gradually failed to meet human needs, coupled with the lack of human awareness of environmental protection, a large number of plastic packaging products came into being and were favored by many customers.

The types of plastic packaging are constantly increasing, and the shapes and materials are also increasing, and they are very stable, not easy to decompose, waterproof and moisture-proof, good printability, versatile, can be used directly as the outer sales package can also be used for direct contact Food flat cutting can be sterilized in various ways. Plastic packaging products have replaced iron products and paper packaging and become the most popular bag products.

However, in recent years, as environmental problems have become more and more serious, people have gradually realized the harm of plastic packaging to the environment, and more and more companies are willing to use degradable packaging bags. In fact, degradable packaging materials have been studied in the early years. And use it, but their stability is lacking, and the time of use is short, which means that their range of use is limited and cannot be widely promoted and used. At the beginning, the degradable plastic packaging bags can only be used as shopping bags bag. However, degradable packaging is always the future development trend, but it is currently not affected by various factors such as technology. With the continuous advancement of technology, degradable packaging will completely replace the current plastic packaging bags. And can be made of any nature and can be sterilized.

At present, we have also been committed to the research and development of degradable packaging, hoping that more stable types of degradable films will be widely used in various industries. One day, the degradable packaging will completely replace the current packaging type.

Post time: May-12-2020

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