soilless cultication of fruit and vagetables- plastic planting bags

Many greenhouse have been replaced by soilless cultivation mode to plant fruits and vegetables, which not onlu saves labor, but also solves the problem of soil salinization. Some farmers see that we use plastic planting bags as planting troughs, and ask why we use non-woven bags? Isn’t it better to do soilless cultivation?


For soilless cultication of fruit and vagetables, we mainly use black and white plastic planting bags instead of non-woven bag. Mainly for these reasons:


1: Soilless cultication of vagetables is to replace the soil with the substrate. Its purpose is to improe the air permeablibity and is conducive to the growth of the root system. For example, worm dung, cow dung, and so on can be used in planting bags. The air permeability of the non-woven bag is also very good, but after the air permeability is too high, it is difficult to pour water after filling the substrate, and the bottom and all sides will seep water.

The plastic planting bag has good water retention, and the open part of the upper part can meet the requirements of the root system for air permeability. The air permeability of the substrate and the water retention of the planting bag are reasonable for planting vegetables, reducing the loss of water and fertilizer, which is conducive to the growth of vegetables. Even if the water is excessive, there are drainage holes in the lower part to drain the excess water, and there is no need for oxygen-poor root rot after the root system is flooded.


2: Soilless cultivation of vegetables has a relatively developed root system. When using a non-woven bag, if the root system is exposed and exposed on the surface, the root will also be damaged when the light is strong. The plastic bag has black and white sides, which can not only protect from light, prevent root damage, but also have the effect of heat preservation. From this point of view, black and white plastic grow bags are suitable for growing vegetables.


3、In terms of planting cost, non-woven bags are higher than plastic planting bags. The use of plastic planting bags in the greenhouse is a one-time investment, and it can be used for multiple crops, including melons, fruits and vegetables. When the next crop is planted, as long as there is no damage, it can continue to be used. For example, after the tomato is finished, the melon can be planted after the seedling is removed. Therefore, the total cost is relatively low.



Many friends believe that soilless culture uses bags as planting troughs, and any type of bag is fine. In fact, there are differences between them. If you choose the wrong one, it will not only increase the cost of planting and labor, but also affect the growth of vegetables. Whether it is input cost or planting effect, it is better to use plastic planting bags than non-woven bags.

Post time: Aug-01-2022

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