The advantage of the soft packaging.

Soft flexible package are becoming more and more popular now.  Here are its advantages:


  1. Convenient transportation. The soft flexible packaging is very light. this advantage make it more cost effective. Especially for expensive and small products is the most suitable
  2. Strong attractive: Flexible packaging can attract customers attention more. Cause it has a strong appeal on the shelf, and can always act as an eye-catching billboard effect. A stand up pouch can immediately grabs the attention of consumers.  
  3. Soft flexible package can protect the product.  Flexible packaging is made of material that can effectively protect products by blocking them from the suns harmful uv rays, moisture, oils pollution and oxygen. Aluminum foil has exceptionally high oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and water vapor transmission rate (MVTR), providing more functional and robust packaging for products that need protection from harmful elements
  4. Reduce the waste. The soft flexible are generally used for food packaging. Flexible packaging uses much less plastic material than rigid container packaging. This method reduces unnecessary waste and is an economical choice.


Most importantly, new method and technology widen the flexible packaging choice of people.  

For example, the experts have found out a new way to facilitates the breakdown of flexible packaging plastics. In a landfill, an additive is added to the packaging material and microbiological changes take place inside the packaging over 18 months. After the packaging is decomposed, it turns into water and carbon, which has less impact on the environment than traditional hard packaging, effectively red-*ucing environmental pollution.

Post time: May-09-2023

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